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In April 2013 we conducted a survey of female students in the School of Computing and School of Engineering and Built Environment to get feedback on Connect activities so far. We want to make sure that Connect activities are benefitting students and wanted to hear from those who hadn’t been involved before to see what we might do differently.

The survey was conducted online using Survey Monkey and students were asked questions about Connect events, what they had gained from being involved and how we could develop the network for next year.

We were very pleased with the results! Here are a few examples of the feedback:

  • 82% of students who attended a Connect event found it ‘useful’ or ‘very useful’. This was particularly the case for events which featured guest speakers from engineering and technology industries who talked about their career path and opportunities with their company.
  • 79% of students who have been involved in Connect felt that it had made them feel more confident about their career choice.
  • When asked what other activities they had embarked on as a result of being involved in Connect, students told us they had attended external professional events and conferences, entered competitions, joined a mentoring programme, joined professional bodies and had become STEM Ambassadors.
  • We asked the question ‘is it important to have a network like Connect for female students?’ to which everyone answered YES (phew!). Here’s some of the reasons why students feel it’s important:
    • ‘To give women confidence, especially if they are the only female in their class’
    • ‘I get to know inspiring women who have made it and who I can look up to’
    • ‘It provides support and information. Meeting people from industry is really valuable as well as being able to go on site visits.’
    • ‘Women are still at a disadvantage in the workplace and it’s a huge morale booster to be a member of Connect’
Your Personal Network - what happened as a result of being involved in Connect?
Your Personal Network – what happened as a result of being involved in Connect?

We will use the feedback to continue to develop Connect activities throughout this academic year. Student feedback is always always welcome so if you ever have an idea for something we can do or need to change- get in touch!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey. Congratulations to Agnieszka Stachowiak who won the associated Free Prize Draw 🙂

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