Lourdes Alwis, Lecturer – School of Engineering and the Built Environment

Profile overview

Name Lourdes Alwis
Qualification PhD, BEng (Hons)
Role title Lecturer
in Electrical Engineering
Organisation Edinburgh Napier University
Interview date 29 April 2014
Interviewed by Debbie Ratcliffe

Lourdes Alwis photo

What are Lourdes qualifications?

PhD, BEng (Hons)

What has been Lourdes career path to date?

I worked part-time for Alcatel-Lucent Ltd. For 7 years starting from 2nd year undergraduate year up till the last two years of my PhD.

What is Lourdes involvement with Connect?

I have been along to a few of the arranged events

What is Lourdes experience as a woman working in engineering?

SEBE has a mixture of male and female academics, all treated equally and a pleasure to work with.


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