Marie Carruthers – Technology Integration Manager at Doosan Babcock

Marie Carruthers (3)

What was Marie’s experience at Edinburgh Napier University?

Marie’s experience at Edinburgh Napier University was very good.

‘My course coordinator (Alan Davidson) was fantastic. Very knowledgeable, approachable and a great lecturer (he taught our Metallurgy class). I particularly liked the strong links with industry that our course had (through Alan, Colin Hindle etc). It meant we could work on projects that had a real tangible use. It was also a great way to highlight how our academic skills could be applied in the field once we graduated.’

What is Marie doing now?

‘I work at Doosan Babcock as a Technology Integration Manager and am part of the management team for my Business Unit. I act as the liaison between Doosan Babcock’s team of 180 engineering specialists on one side and the company’s service client sites on the other. It is a very interesting and fun role that spans the technological disciplines of non-destructive testing, metallurgy, welding development, plant integrity, remote visual inspection, laser scanning and nuclear services for our customers in nuclear, power stations, offshore, onshore, refineries and pharmaceutical industries.

I have to have a breadth and depth of technical knowledge and I get involved in everything from advising customers and site teams on ways to resolve engineering challenges to different ways to reduce risk in projects and improve reliability of their plant.

No day is the same. My work can vary from in-depth technical involvement to general business improvement initiatives, workshops and customer meetings. The role is very dynamic, and can change quite a lot depending on what is required at the time, and I also meet a lot of people, all of which keeps it interesting and new.
I have just been elected as Fellow into the IMechE (institution of Mechanical Engineers) which is a great honour and a big milestone for me.’ 

Marie at work

What was Marie’s experience as a woman on an engineering masters course?

‘I had a really good time! In my BSc we were 2 girls in
a class of 35 and at Napier I was on my own. I always felt that the guys (other students) were really friendly and inclusive. I never felt left out at any point and I never really thought much of it. I was always equally surprised
every time a new teacher knew my name before I had introduced myself, not usually noticing myself that I might be the only girl in the group.’

What advice would Marie give to women wanting to work in engineering?

‘Go for it! There are so many opportunities in engineering spanning such a wide array of subjects. The demand for engineers (mechanical etc) during the recession has been incredible. IMechE just published an article where they cite an average pay increase of 14.5% for chartered engineers over the last 3 year with the average salary now being £63k. . Not many industries can say that.

Even after graduation there are still plenty of options to shape your career depending on what you like. There are externally focused roles, number crunching roles, problem solving roles, jobs for people that like to get home every night and jobs for people that like to travel (many of my colleagues go to Hong-Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Azerbaijan etc regularly).

I easily have the most fun job out of my female friends’

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