Julia Jung – Connect Student Champion – School of Applied Sciences

My name is Julia Jung and I am in my 4th year studying Marine and Freshwater Biology at Edinburgh Napier University. I love hiking, wildlife watching and nature photography. I grew up in Germany, but spent quite some time over the last 4 years working and volunteering as a computer teacher in Iceland, India, Ethiopia, Kenya and Alaska. I also run a society called “PubScienceClub” at my university, which creates opportunities for students and lecturers to engage in informal discussions about interesting scientific questions. I wanted to be an Interconnect Student Champion, because there are many pressing issues, such as climate change, facing our generation and I think one of the keys for finding solutions is to help to create more equality in the STEM field since “We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.”, as Malala Yousafzai put it. I am looking forward to working with you over the next year, so we can help each other live up to our full potential and work on solutions to change the world.

I see my role as an ambassador for the females in Napier, studying any STEM subjects.  By providing them with an insight on my personal experience and possibly helping them to take the first steps into further developing their own career path, I can provide a support network for all female students involved. Through a series of events and constant social media promotion, hopefully I can inform and assist as many students as possible about the work of Interconnect and the benefits it can provide for them and their careers.

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